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With Xerxes, we offer open RTB and tag-based integration for both supply and demand-side partners. Connected with 5000+ ads.txt and 2000+ SDK integrated apps we offer a one-stop shop for our Advertisers and DSPs to choose from multiple screens and devices. Integrated with MRC’s accredited Quality tools, we ensure brand safety and high display viewability.
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Our wide reach of premium inventory assures a high viewability and quality for your video activities. With our dedicated account team, we run and optimize a campaign based on User interaction, Viewability, Complete ratio, and Brand safety that ensures your campaigns success.
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Our Open RTB & Tag based integration provides seamless access to our inventory across various devices and Geos. Powered with Pixalate; transparency, brand safety and fraud reduction are our top most priority while offering our premium direct inventory.
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Our historical data & smart custom targeting helps you achieve Brand Awareness, user engagement and performance under a single pricing model. Also our special managed services are industry-leading quality standards.
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Supply Partners

We offer our Publishers, a solution to monetize their video inventory better with our Premium demand partners. With a wide range of Global Agencies, Brands and DSPs we ensure maximum eCPMs & Fill Rates for your both in stream and out stream inventory, across devices.
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