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Xapads is fully independent programmatic ad exchange built to drive ROI through single platform. We offer self serve monetization platform that combines with exclusive data, easy to use technology, premium placements and integrated RTB solutions to help you achieve the more engaging results.

Xapads gives Ad agencies, trading desks; mobile ad networks the transparency and control over ads to give you advanced user experience which leads to innovative and trusted ad campaigns and premium ad spaces. We follow RTB compliance according to which Consumer privacy legislation and regulation is kept confidential while quantity, brand safety, supply chain efficiency and transparency are implemented under strict guidance.

Go programmatic with Xapads
Turn insights into ROI

Xapads helps you to control your ad revenue through our validated system and assists you to boost up ad spend based on your targeting parameters at a floor price that you decide.

Brand Safety

From premium inventory to ad verification and right configuration we have an efficient marketplace, industry standardized quality tools which let media buyers to make safe and smart purchase decisions.

Better eCPM

At Xapads, a publisher of any size can be confident of getting optimum value for its inventory across broad price ranges as we have dynamic price floors in our marketplace.

Advanced Targeting

Reach your most suitable users across all formats and all screens through our Geo, OS, device, demographic, behavioral targeting capabilities which let you cherry pick the impressions in real time.

Real Time Statistics

Get control on your ad spend with our fully transparent real time reporting which optimizes on up-to-second data of your campaign performance based on targeting constraints on the RTB.

Full Control

With changes taking effects in milliseconds, you are in driver seat with our easy to use spontaneous interface which allows you target what you want with no technical integration at your end.

Wide Range of Global Inventory

DSPs and media buyers can explore wide range of global inventory across web and mobile in multiple formats results in expanded reach and exclusive publisher inventory to maximize the performance of each one of your campaigns.

Demand Side Partner
Transforming the Digital World

Employ our marketplace to explore wide range of media buying abilities from traditional display to rich media, mobile and video ads. Xapads is integrated with prominent global inventory sources which allow you to reach right audiences across multiple platforms on the move. We believe in delivering controlled advertisement experience that move with people like they move with screens.

Cross Channel Targeting

Place your personalized ads and bid on big pool of audiences across video, display, social and mobile with our wide targeting capabilities including Geo, carrier, Gender, third party data and white label solutions.

We are Mobile also

Run Mobile campaigns with Xapads as we support range of mobile precise programmatic targeting and frequency capping across web and In-app. You can optimize your ads in real time for OS, carrier, device size and many more.

Easy Integration

With us you can optimize and execute your campaign in quick span of time as everything you need is already served on panel. Xapads supports real time bidding via Open RTB version 2.3 which allow ads to be targeted, optimized programmatically.

Multiple Ad Formats

Xapads is proud to present its portfolio of high impact ad formats such as Rich media, video, In-App, Interstitial, WAP, In-image and Native ads to work better for your web and mobile advertisements.

Fraud Protection

Our comprehensive detection tools and real time quality check technology paired with human insights prevents your ads from getting fraud and bot traffic as we take ad fraud seriously as you do.

Dedicated Media Manager

With ‘Be a helping hand to everyone’ thinking our professional staff will provide you quick responsive support around the clock so you get optimum satisfaction of the investment and time.

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Supply side partner
Get more out of your ads with Us

Xapads provides hassle free auction mechanism for publishers to easily sell and manage your ad impression inventory from the ad server in real time (via RTB). With an efficient and secure way to tap into multiple revenue sources across relevant DSPs which let publishers drive best possible monetization out of their ad inventory. To facilitate this, we are incorporated
with some of the elite DSPs in the marketplace.

Access to Major Demand Source

Gain instant access to largest demand folio in the market and with built-in private market tools. Xapads acts as a personal supervisor to premium inventory opportunities and premium package while sustaining the flexibility, safety of automated selling.

Dedicated Media Manager

We have the intelligent staff to support and pleasure you as we love making our clients happy by providing them unexceptional support and to give you honest point of view on what’s works for you and how you can maximize the ROI on your each ad spend.

Transparent Reporting

Our integrated and user friendly panel makes it easy for you to observe the impact of changes to your monetization over the time.

Multiple Ad-Inventories

Our platform supports numerous Ad formats including rich media, video, WAP, In-app and interstitial to improve user experience and drive Higher ROI for you.

High Yield

We provide an advanced marketplace that gives you range and coverage across a wide range of ad formats and geographies along with personalized support which gives you the advantage in the marketplace, higher eCPMs and immediate monetization.

Brand Protection

We act as a brand shield for you with industry measurement guidelines and quality control tools and anti-fraud ad filters to save your brand.

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Exchange as a Service

Xapads offers fully white label programmatic ad exchange where you can build your own exchange with ease to make integration with your own DSPs & SSPs. Moreover, it is a network to run your campaigns from your own inventory and a Marketplace to buy and sell from Xapads exchange.

We provide you wealth of features and support to streamline the optimization required by your demand & supply side partners. The technology latest openRTB compliant & also supports easy integration with quality tools.

With Xapads integrated approach and global reach connect with the people you care about and achieve your business objectives.

Self Serve DSP

Our Self Serve DSP Platform offers you a unified platform inclusive of all the mechanisms to manage Omnichannel campaigns. We are integrated with supply & demand side quality tools to ensure that whole ecosystem works smoothly. The platform is a complete suite of proprietary technology, best-in-class fraud detection tools and regular human supervising to prevent bidding on bot traffic, fraudulent apps and laundered domains.

Self Serve DSP is a complete campaign management system to implement ad forecasting, buy targeted and assured ad placements in real time giving you the power to target the desired audiences and incremental business results

Self Serve SSP

Our Self Serve SSP platform offers sophisticated controls that let you optimally utilize your proprietary data to manage your demand partners across various verticals. We are connected with some of the industry’s top notch DSP & along with campaigns of Xapads Marketplace. So we get you best of ROI. User-friendly dashboard and tooltips will assist you to launch campaigns with no effort!

Video Advertising
Maximize your brand exposure through Video Advertising across multiple screens.


Make more revenue with India’s Leading Ad Network trusted by a global network of premium media partners, Xapads offers competitive fill rates & CPM, and personalised service to all of our publishers


We’re integrated with multiple Supply Partners with high quality traffic verified by well known third party tools like Pixalate, GeoEdge, Moat.


Engaging relevant video ads for desktop, mobile & inapp generating high CPM & fill rates.


Maximize your brand exposure with our millions of quality ad views per month through our supply side partners & direct publishers. Get the right engagement & brand impact as We place your video ads with the relevant content & high visibility.


We’re providing global access to huge range of video ads from hundreds of demand partners across all geos & verticals. Our engaging & relevant to your video content video campaigns with enhanced user experience helps publishers to maximize their revenue. We provide you solutions for your tailored needs, including video content, ads and player.

Ad Formats


In Pre-Roll ad formats, ad is shown before the video content loading. Ads appearing in these formats may come with Skip-Ad button after 5-10sec play time.


Native video ads loads within the content as user scrolls the page. Ads like these can boost in branding efforts as it appears part of editorial content.


In Banner Video or IBV video ad loads in a standard 300×250 banner space with muted sound. Users can enable the sound anytime.

Video Technology Partners

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