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At Xapads, we weave dreams into reality with our unique blend of Tech, AI and Human Intelligence, wherein lies the secret to transforming business fortunes. With our suite of innovative solutions – Xerxes, Xaprio, Unwire, and Pulse – we redefine the possibilities of campaigns that create an impact and deliver good ROI. Harnessing the power of technology, drawing from rich historical data, and crafting compelling narratives ensure your campaigns stand out, always.

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Xapads Media, a holistic programmatic ecosystem helps connect brands with their respective publisher across all formats and devices.

Open RTB
 Xapads brings logistical infrastructure to connect DSPs, Advertisers, SSPs, Publishers and App Developers in this alluring Digital Ecosystem. 
Performance Programmatic Way
With our breakthrough technology we team historical user data and artificial intelligence that achieve performance goals.
Bespoke Display
With advanced machine learning and our business knowledge we create a boutique of custom solutions which help us achieve every unique requirement of our clients.
Revolutionary video technology
Reach your audience with our innovational multi-device video technology. We offer a premium, all-inclusive, brand-safe marketplace across CTV, Apps, Desktop and Mobile Web.
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