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Content Guidelines


These guidelines describe the basic mobile advertising standards for publishers and for advertisers including demand side platforms, ad networks, agencies, respectively, willing to participate in the Xapads Ad Exchange.
In order to use the Xapads Ad Exchange, you are required to agree and understand to follow and abide by these guidelines. Xapads reserves the right to update these guidelines at any time by posting notice of such changes at its website or by otherwise providing notice. By using the Xapads Ad Exchange subsequent such posting or notice, you agree to any updated version of these guidelines.


The following content is prohibited:

  • Content or material promoting or containing links related to pornographic, adult sexual, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, child sexual exploitation, obscene, highly suggestive content or that contain sexually explicit images or activity; or
  • Content or material promoting or containing links related to gambling, online casinos, weapons, ammunition (e.g., firearms, fighting knives, stun guns), sales and excessive use of tobacco, electronic cigarettes, alcohol; or
  • Content or material promoting or containing links related to illegal activities including but not limited to illegal drugs, drugs paraphernalia, terrorism, criminal activities, including but not limited to “how-to” information on bomb-making, lock-picking, and similar topics; hacking/cracking content; or
  • Content or material promoting or containing links related to graphic or explicit violence or which is hate, offensive, defamatory, profane, discriminatory or that advocates the superiority of a specific race/ethnic group, national origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, language, status as a veteran or any other legally protected status; or
  • Content or material promoting or containing links that are disparaging to Xapads or any of its publishers or ads vendors; or
  • Content or material promoting or containing links that are libelous, harassing, abusive, unlawful , fraudulent, containing phishing activities from fraudulent background, where the user is supposed to give personal information (telephone number, bank details and etc.); or
  • Content that has links or promotes activities that are understood or seen as Internet abuse including but not limited to, use of spyware, malware, bad ware, corrupted files viruses, or other materials that are intended to or damage or render inoperable software of hardware; or
  • Content or material promoting or containing links that violate or infringe upon any third party intellectual property rights or any other third party rights, including but not limited P2P file-sharing, torrent, or anything that facilitates or promotes copyright infringement; or
  • Content or materials showing flashing, shaking creatives and misleading banners, including but not limited to imitating activities from known brands, featuring Pay per click or pay per search programs, Chat/Instant Messaging, Video chat and live streaming, and/or malicious or suspicious activity.


(IAB8) Food & Drink

  • (IAB8-5) Cocktails/Beer
  • (IAB8-18) Wine

(IAB9) Hobbies & Interests

  • (IAB9-9) Cigars
  • (IAB23) Religion & Spirituality

(IAB25) Non-Standard Content

  • (IAB25-1) Unmoderated UGC
  • (IAB25-2) Extreme Graphic/Explicit Violence
  • (IAB25-3) Pornography
  • (IAB25-4) Profane Content
  • (IAB25-5) Hate Content
  • (IAB25-6) Under Construction
  • (IAB25-7) Incentivized

(IAB26) Illegal Content, which includes

  • (IAB26-1) Illegal
  • (IAB26-2) Warez
  • (IAB26-3) Spyware/Malware
  • (IAB26-4) Copyright Infringement


  • Displaying ads that are hidden from the user may not participate in Xapads Exchange; Advertiser’s destination URL must be written in a supported markup language (xhtml, wml, chtml, or html for PDAs), viewable in mobile web browsers and must link to a working mobile website, related to the applicable Advertisement; and Advertiser’s destination URL must work properly; no deceptive ads are accepted;
  • Add pop-up ads (including pop-overs and pop-unders), and ads that automatically redirect the user or initiate a download without user interaction (i.e. click, touch etc.) are prohibited;
  • “Click-to-call” numbers must connect customers to advertiser’s business. Toll or fee-based telephone numbers that require additional payment by the caller are not allowed.
  • Phone numbers must be functional (no fax number is permitted); and must be local or domestic to the country advertiser’s Advertisements are targeting, and telephone numbers must use the correct format for the target country.


  • Proper grammar conventions should be followed.
  • Use of common text message abbreviations is permitted.